Tripping through Kenya, C Randall captures snapshots of the amazing people, wicked wildlife and beautiful surroundings. Documenting his time musically with the assistance of video and audio recordings, this Deep and Tech House release uniquely projects his feelings, emotions and inspirations gained through 2500km of Kenyan bush, cities and beaches.

This four track EP takes you along the bumpy roads and open landscapes, to the welcoming warriors who give a Masai High with their chanting Adumu. Tough as a tank, the Geländewagen shows no mercy when traveling through eerie no man’s land, with machete and AK47 protection.

In a not so sturdy narrow boat on Lake Naivasha, a thousand Flamingos flamboyantly take flight as the number one killer in Africa bumps the boat, and attempts to emerge from the murky water to deliver a lethal Hippo Attack, with a taste of acid. To complete the trip, Mombasa fills the mind and soul with tranquil and vibrant vibes, allowing you to soak up the sounds of the sea and enjoy the fun and games of the cheeky monkeys.

Together with rhythmic beats, charismatic chords and deep bass lines, the authentic recordings form a record with realism and originality, whilst embracing the magic of Africa.

Available from all reputable digital download stores on 17th August 2013.